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Invite all student to send a thesis topic in brief

for apply the 2nd round of research grants in 2020.

You can apply throughout the year

but Coe-ANRB will consider next time about February 2021.

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Project "Presenting and sharing experiences of the Research Network 2020"

by Research and Development Office

On 27 November 2020 at 8th floor of LRC building 

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Award for Outstanding Research Network

In Pride of PSU 2020

Announced on 25 February 2020

By Prince of Songkla University

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Center of Excellence in Agricultural and Natural Resources Biotechnology (CoE-ANRB)

For Thailand 4.0, the agricultural sector is as important as other regions because most people are still in this sector: Innovation can be really applied not for increasing revenue but for increasing the ability of the Thai people. The agricultural sector is an important sector that creates social security. Agricultural products are not only used for domestic consumption but also exporting as standard product. Recently, government at sector, large organization and educational sector come to invest and help Thai farmers. It’s expected that we will soon see smart formers and smart agricultural products.

By continual supporting the activities of center of excellence in agricultural and natural resources biotechnology (CoE-ANRB) from the university it is extremely important to drive the center to the success. Moreover, this support greatly affects the development of works and strengthen agricultural biotechnology and natural resources field which leads to the increase in agricultural production efficiently and sustainably. All activities can achieve the university's goal of being an academic leadership in future.

From the results of CoE-ANRB Phase 1 to Phase 2 in the past 10 years, during February 2009 to December 2018, it was found that the performance achieved all objectives and KPIs setted. Evaluated results based on various indicators in the Phase 2 were as high at 83.82%. The research team agreed that a project proposal should be submitted to request support from the university to establish a research center Phase 3 from January 2020 to December 2025 in order to obtain knowledge and knowhow in agricultural and natural resources biotechnology for improvement, propagation and increased productivity of plants, livestock, aquatic animals. In addition, biotechnology will also be used to develop bio-products for efficient and safe production including the development and creation of researchers in agricultural and natural resources biotechnology continuously.    


Bring knowledge and academic strength in agricultural and natural resources biotechnology to create and increase agricultural production efficiently, safely, environmental friendly without or minimize waste and distribute income to farmers or businesses in all related sectors.


1. Conduct research to obtain knowledge in agricultural and natural resources biotechnology for important, propagation and increase production of plant species, livestock, aquatic animals, as well as the use of biotechnology to develop bio-products for safe and efficient production and environmental friendly, continuous development and creation of agricultural biotechnologist.

2. Coordinate and collaborate researches on agricultural and natural resources biotechnology with other research units both government and private sectors.

3. Publish research results and academic services on agricultural and natural resources biotechnology at national, international levels and relevant government agencies, private sectors, farmers and general interested parties continuously, emphasizing on diversification of agricultural biotechnology, contribution of knowledge in agricultural biotechnology with minimize waste and use it for safe agriculture.

4. Support teaching in agricultural and natural resources biotechnology to undergraduate and graduate students in Faculty of Natural Resources and related Faculty. This support also be provided to young scientist instructors in each research group to carry out research activities for further development of good quality research to propose for funding outside.

International Cooperation

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        Center of Excellent in Agriculture and

        Natural Resources Biotechnology phase: 3

  15 Karnjanavanit Rd, Kho Hong, Hat Yai,

        Songkhla 90112